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The aim at PK Recruitment is to assist our candidates in achieving their goals and finding the right role for them. This is done by first understanding what they wish to achieve, as we understand every candidate is different and has different ambitions and drive within the finance industry.

As a new candidate, you will meet one of our experienced and knowledgeable consultants and are guaranteed to receive an honest and comprehensive overview of the market trends of employment. The role of our experienced consultants is to work with you with the aim of ensuring that you take the right career path based on your skillset. We go even further to offer advice and support throughout the hiring process by providing assistance from CV preparation to interview guidance.

Finding the best job for a candidate is our primary objective, which is why we invest our time in making them ready for any challenges they may face in the future.


PK Recruitment is committed to strong practice of equality and oppose discrimination. We understand that our goal of success in a field highly depends on quality and professionalism of our employees as well as their skilfulness. Every candidate is assessed on their level of skills, experience, qualification and capability to carry out tasks as per the job specification. Ability to perform the job will be the primary consideration at all times throughout the recruiting process.

We assist our clients in understanding some simple reasonable adjustments in the workplace which can facilitate in accommodating the needs of a disabled applicant. It is our responsibility to ensure candidates are not in any way discriminated or harassed due to their disability. We also provide quality assistance to our clients at different periods exposing them to methods of applying the equal opportunity policy.

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    We respect your privacy. Your information is safe and will never be shared.